Corduroy, to or to not?

Corduroy pants/ jeans


Well winter here in Melbourne and Im looking for something warm and comfy to wear at work but looks neat and tidy.

Enter cords…. well I used to wear them in my teens and really wasn’t keen on them then.  I preferred jeans….any jeans.  Now as I am older, I want to be warm but want to avoid that frump factor.   Im not ready to shop at Millers yet!  or get a perm set…ugh!  Im not even allowing myself to go grey either.  

So I have looked around and it’s taken me a few weeks, the new trend seems to be not the skinny, but a straight leg or a slight boot leg.  I am not going flare, I feel I am too old for that and will not be exposing midriff either.

The general look seems to to be a boot leg with white platform sneakers or with an ankle boot but the pant rolled to just above the top of the boot.  I do get it, that if you put the pant over the boot, it is sooo shall we say last decade.

I also do NOT want to look like Humphrey Bear in my brown cords (something I am a bit worried about).  I also don’t want to look like I work on the Playschool set.  Nothankyou!!  I do work in a high school so the fashion can be inventive….buuut not tooooo out there.  I’m already out there riding a motorbike to work.  “Do a wheelie misss!”  Every afternoon past the bus pickup zone.  You’d think the poor kids had never heard over a middle aged woman riding a motorbike…Good thing I don’t give a damn what people think about that!  I may by 50 but I ain’t ready for the old people’s home yet! 

Ok so back to the topic, Corduroy pants seem to be a think of the past, however the fashions rotate every 20 years or so.  I have actually studied that at the Australian College of Professional styling so I do know what I’m talking about.   

In the 2000s we didn’t look at cords but the flares with platforms were all the rage.  but in the 80s (early) there was corduroy.  Ohh boy did I ever look crap in it.  I was about 12-14 in the pictures I have seen and corduroy wasn’t stretcy like it is now.   Also the small bag/baguete under the arm has made a comeback circa “Friends”.

If you are under 30 go for it with the flares and the tshirts  or sweaters, it does make for a cute look.  At my age though…frumpy as hell.


  • How to wear loose fit corduroy

    A loose fit pant works well in this fabric with a floppy top, however over 50's beware, if you wear sneakers like this model is wearing it will age you. A ballet flat will work well or an ankle boot with the bottoms rolled up

  • How to wear corduroy under 35

    A fresh look for the under 35's. I would not recommend a crop top if you are over this age, and not sneakers either. boots and a blouse will work well if you are older.

  • How not to wear corduroy

    Seriously these outfits make me think of the Brady bunch and even they hated their clothes! The boots under the cords ages the model, the bakers hats are ridiculous and double corduroy is a serious no-no!