The new Cropped Jean

This is one fashion statement that took me a while to get my head around.  I'm a tall girl and Jeans being too short is something I cringe at.  Brings back visions of Mr Bean and his white socks.  Many a designer jean that fits round the waist has been knocked back by me as they are always always always too bloody short!!

Now this! hmmm, let's have a look.

So with most trends there comes a set of rules and this certainly doesn't disappoint.  Once you get your head around these rules, you can certainly rock this look......and get this......ESPECIALLY.....if you are tall!!.....about time I say! (high fiving my tall friends here)

1.The perfect length is just above the ankle, (so short jeans for tall girls)

2.A frayed hem is great for a corporate look, but any more, don't even try wearing them to the office.

3. If in doubt about shoes, wear an elegant heel.

4. Partially tuck your shirt or jumper in at the waist to make the most of the high waist.

5. Most importantly, If you are wearing ankle boots have the jeans hit at the top or below the top of the boots.

This look is clean cut and very on trend, great for the office or out to lunch.  The longline jacket ties the look together making it streamlined and flattering.


This look works as the jeans are the only distressed thing about it, any more and you are walking a fine line with a wardrobe malfunction.  If you are wearing distressed jeans, keep the rest of the outfit neat and understated.


Here's my street smart version, a bit of quirk with the shoes and bag.  The top is plain but the jacket gives off a cozy vibe.  Great to wear out with friends, very cute and quirky.


Thanks for reading

Suuze :)