Back to Work after Summer

I've been on a Summer break, I work at a high school so I get Term Holidays.  In this time (particularly the big break), I reorganise my wardrobe, usually takes a few days and I do a cull.

This time I did a huge cull, I think I threw out half my wardrobe....8 garbage bags full to be exact.  I'm not sure how it all fit in there.

Anything that I hadn't worn in 2 years or didn't fit to my liking got thrown.  I even went through all my handbags as well of, needed 2 garbage bags for those alone!!

I colour coded my wardrobe, and believe me this works!!  Each colour sorted into pants, shorts, dresses, skirts, jackets and blouses.  I can find what I need in under 2 minutes, no more clothes being flicked from hangers while I try to look through what I have, and yes I do use an app which shows me what I have.  It's called stylebook.  At least now I can find everything!

Constantly we are hit with junk mail for "back to school" or "back to work".  The back to work stuff is usually boring corporate.  The back to school stuff is kid's clothes. 

I did hit the shops, you wouldn't believe what Kmart has!  I bought mostly neutral clothes and pastels, it seems to be "the thing" this Summer.  I usually buy black or navy but I have so much of that already.

In my job I need comfort first and foremost as I work with people who have disabilities, so it is of course a physical job.  I like to look as if I've made an effort with my outfits though.   I can't go full on corporate with my job, it's simply not practical.  So here are some ideas which are in between, which is what I mostly wear.

With these two outfits, it's so easy to mix and match.  I have actually found that if you can afford to, it's best to spend a bit more on shoes and bags unless you only want them for the one season.  Clothes change all the time, so I don't spent a fortune on them.  I usually buy at end of season, ready  for next unless I have literally fallen in love with the clothing item.

Summers here are hot, so it's best to wear a dress if you can get away with it, otherwise you'll end up a hot mess, and smell like one too.  Then if you are going somewhere after work, well you're dressed for that as well, just make sure you pack that Rexona!!



Suuze xx