My Apple Watch

Recently I purchased an apple sports watch.  I'm interested to see how other people wear theirs.  I can't justify the price of a gold one like Beyoncé has, and I certainly don't intend wearing it with an Indian head dress like she does😜.

I bought the sports watch with the white band and since after much research have purchased the Milanese loop band.  Even the guys in the Apple Store were impressed at how good it made the sports watch look!

The sports band is great for the gym and the Milanese loop is great for work or more formal occasions.

If you have any pictures you'd like to share of how you wear your apple watch, simply send them to and I will post them on here.

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  • The watch and the bands, very easy to interchange.

  • The sports watch with the Milanese loop band. Great for dressing the watch up for going out, or for a more professional look at work.

  • The sports watch with the white sports band. Great for the gym and easy to keep clean.

 Yes I have blogged about it before, but I have discovered something new!  You can get much cheaper bands for the iwatch over the internet.  They can really make your iwatch look more expensive than it is.  

I just have the basic sports model in silver.  There are screen covers as well as bands available.........and they don't cost upwards of $79 either like in the apple store.  
The apple bands on the net start around $7 for a rubber one and up to $20 for a metal one.  So I got a gold one to see what it's like.

Ok, so it's not stainless steel, but I've had this for over a month and worn it every day.  Just don't wear this band when exercising or spray perfume on it.  The colour has held excellently so far. 

As you can see, almost exactly the same as the official apple milanese loop which is stainless steel.  But without the $220 pricetag!  This one cost $16!  So now that I know it's not rubbish I'm ordering one in rose gold and a screen cover in yellow and rose gold.  All that and including postage and handling cost me only $30.

I got all this from a site called Geek.......suits me right?!

Internet shopping here I come!   Stay tuned for when I get the screen covers in a few weeks.

People say they have their life in their phone.  Mine is on my iwatch so I really like that I can change the look of it.

I don't wear any other watch at all now as it would seem obsolete. 


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Suuze xx