Start a mood board

I know, it sounds indulgent, but it costs nothing and wont hurt anyone.  It will help you sort out what sort of look you tend to veer towards.  I've discovered I have a bit of a "Rock Chic" thing going on.  I love leather jackets, skinny jeans, heels, but I don't like myself in frilly girly dresses.   This has acutally helped a lot in redoing my wardrobe.  I have actually made myself over and I feel great!  I still have a long way to go in filling up my moodboard, so I'm still evolving my own sense of style 😉

Well Christmas holidays have started and the shopping centers here (or malls) are full of nut bag shoppers with at least 3 crazy kids each..........which is one reason I try not to go there!  Today though, I I have done my research, with the help of the knowledge I have gained in the past week.

Did you know that when trying to define your look, you need to first start with your body type and coloring?  Well it's easy to do right here at my website!  Just go to the menu 😜

Once you get past that stage, you need to find a few celebrities with the same body type as you.  Then find what you like about what they are wearing.  This is the fun part.  The two main celebrities which I am following now are Emily Vancamp and Giselle Bundchen.  Both are 'inverted triangles' and my coloring is the same as Giselle's. I have found that looking for pictures off duty is the best way to go, as the celebrities themselves are choosing their clothing.  So this is what works best for them.

Today I am trying to Channel Giselle.  I know I'm not as glam, or as skinny but the clothing works for my frame and coloring....surprise surprise!



.....and guess what!  I didn't need to buy any new clothes, I simply adapted what I already have......