Simple Elegance

A simple elegant outfit in red.

Have you ever leafed through a fashion magazine and wondered how certain celebs end up looking so effortlessly elegant?

Well, the truth is they don't, they have a stylist who does it for them, numerous fittings and makeup trials.

But before you give up, did you know you can actually do this yourself?!

Okay, yes I am a qualified stylist but here is what I do and it works.

1. Start with a look or mood you want to convey about yourself.  You wear your clothes, they don't wear you.

2. Do not ever overthink, your first instinct is often correct, if you like something so much that you don't want to take it off, it's usually a sign that it's a winner.

3. Stick to a simple colour theme, choose one or two colours, no more.

4. Do not ever over layer, two layers at most is enough, or you can end up looking like a bag lady.

5. Have fun with it, if you end up frustrated, set another time to shop or search your wardrobe for a look.  You make bad decisions when you are frustrated and in a hurry.