The New Boho

Ever leafed through a fashion magazine and just wondered how celebrities and models just seem to have the Boho look going without any effort, only to look in shops, then in opp shops to find it's all wrong for you?  I certainly soon as the look is forecast as Boho for the coming season I inwardly cringe.

Well here are some tips I've picked up along the way which will help.

Vintage Boho

Now this is the most creative one.  I can actually remember my Mother wearing things like this in the 70's!  

Start with the dress as that seems to be the most fussy sort of item in most of the Boho looks I have seen.

There are a lot of Browns (I'm not a fan of any colour unless its black lol!) I am from Melbourne after all.....

There is also lots of Paisley/Florals but just make sure the pattern doesn't take over the dress. (You'd rather be complemented for the dress over the pattern wouldn't you?! I know I would).

Now for accessorising ...... I always go by the rule of having one standout in this case the dress.  Otherwise you do end up looking like you're trying too hard.  

Opp shops are actually great for this as the clothing item is worn in anyway.  I often find particularly where I live in (suburbia/bordering on country)  there are chain stores in our local shopping malls that have cheap clothing but its all the same, so you see a friend and you know where they got their clothes from.   I know I'm being terrible but I keep thinking.....ok "So thats Kmart, thats Target.....ok here comes BigW!!  lol!!....snicker, snicker".  Which is why I never buy my clothes close to home if I can help it!  If I'm at the beach.......Shopping..........Interstate........Shopping.......overseas.......Omgg!!!!

As much as I love internet shopping though, I can't get excited at the idea of buying clothes as I have to try them on first.....9 times out of 10 they come to you looking different which can be a problem if they don't fit you.

Modern Boho

Now this style is definitely one I like, I love flares, they are so flattering.  I also love clomping round in clogs.  The tassle bag is the main Boho thing I have gone for but I have kept the top plain as the waterfall vest would look too much over a boho inspired blouse.....Jimi Hendrix anyone?!

As there is more than one item which is boho inspired I have kept the fabrics plain, this is very important as this outfit could go OTD very easily.

Modern Boho to me is a streamline silhouette and contrasting textures in fabrics, not so much the paisley and gypsy skirts of the past.

Boho still seems a mystery but I think there is one ingredient in the look I have not mentioned yet that may be the most important to carry this look's confidence!!!

Wear it with confidence, but in order to feel confident wearing make sure it fits right and flatters your shape, I can honestly say this as I don't always have the best confidence in my looks as I have the courage to try new looks........and out here where I live that is not easy.  Inner city, no worries!!  It's a gold mine of gorgeous new looks to try, just wear them with confidence!!

Thanks for reading

Suuze :)