Diary of an Internet shopper wannabe.....


Day 1.

When I think of internet shopping, visions of people in stylish 'just got home from an important corporate job' clothes with glasses of wine oohing and aahing over fashionable must have things springs to mind.....at first.  I then worry about loosing track of what I've spent and I think about people who've been sitting in front of a computer for days in their jammies who need a wash and are deeply addicted and in serious debt.....


I haven't been on EBay yet and I don't really have the time to 'bid' on things and does that ever get out of hand?!  I start to worry about some creep stealing my credit card details and stealing my hard earned cash.  


I start to wonder if it's actually easier to go into a shop and check things out for myself in the real world.  Will that pair of jeans actually fit


Trouble is, when you see things on sale or available online, they often aren't in store.  I often find I ring the store and the items aren't in yet or they aren't in my size.  


So, when I put my Jamies on a few nights ago, I poured myself a large glass of wine and did some research......

I got a few 'vouchers' from Mimco and Witchery as I am a member, so I thought I would take them for a test drive.  


Turns out there are so many things on sale online.  This works well for me, however, there is a postage fee of usually around $10.    

Buying from 2 or more different companies you wonder if it's worth it.  I only did $50 worth of shopping on the weekend but paid $20 in shipping.  I do realise I would have had to drive half an hour to get to the shopping centre and they wouldn't have had those items in stock, still $20 shipping does seem excessive.


Then I look at the fact I am in fact getting designer jeans for $30 (if I include shipping) as they have been heavily marked down.  And designer heels for $50 (this also includes shipping).  Seems worth it to me when I can't be bothered and don't have time to visit the mall and spend even more money with the other things I see there........


I get on to my favourite site 'Geek', but I don't spend as I've lost track of how much I actually have spent with add ons for postage.  I'll wait until I have received 1,2,3,4 items I have ordered over the past few weeks I think....


Trouble is...I see things so cheap that I haven't even thought of and decide I need them immediately, like do I really need a pen holder in my car on my dash?  Do I really need an extra cover for my phone with an added keyboard when said phone has a keyboard of the screen?

Do I need yet another band for my Apple Watch when I have 6 already?  Don't even get me started on the screen covers.....

All this is really cheap, but again, postage adds up if the items are from differing companies.



Day 2

I get excited when the postie leaves parcels near my front door, I actually open the door before he rings the doorbell!  but they are all for other people in my household!!


Day 3

Waiting........there is mail but it's all bills


Day 4

Surely they have to turn up today, but I have a long day ahead of me and I'm not home till nightfall.......

I tell hubby to text me if any parcels arrive as he's home before me, he just laughs......I reckon he will hide the parcels if there are any just to see my reaction, so I have enlisted my eldest to keep him honest lol!

Well my jeans arrived and they fit!


Day 5

My shoes arrived, perfect!!



So…. a few days later, I tried to order a second hand Chloe Paddington Bag from a reputable site.  I’m sure I got a knock off version but it looks so good.

There is a lesson learnt from this though.  Had I known what to look for I would have known it was a knock off.  Had I looked at customer reviews of the site……I would have known not to trust them completely.


I did do some running repairs and restoration on the bag…..as far as I can tell, at least some of it is real leather, but the lock is upside-down (a sure sign of a knockoff apparently).


I couldn’t fault the delivery, I got it from SanFransisco and tracked it to Cincinnati then Melbourne and through each customs clearance (that was fun I have to admit).  Delivery guy was polite.  I didn’t pay any more than what I would usually pay for a high quality bag.  


I just hope it survives through Spring and Summer…….

So what did I take away from my experience?

Well it's a year later and I have just read this again.  During COVID lockdowns in Melbourne, if you wanted anything that was not food or household goods, you had to get it online.  I have learnt how to shop really well online as I know my sizes and I know when the good sales are.  Although some companies like H&M have sizes that differ.  There is also a trend to much larger clothing.  I now know the sizes are smaller in Cotton on, so I need to order a size up.  Also, most of the styles are too young for me.  Crop tops over 50 are not a good idea, also relaxed wear is not good if you are attending online meetings.  Witchery and Country Road do great clothes and the sizes seem spot on, you can also get "sale on sale" if you are a member, though you do get many annoying emails.  During the lockdowns I was able to somewhat update my wardrobe by buying items at the end of the season.  I spent alot less than I usually do as when I go to the shopping centres I seem to impulse buy.  I'm sure it's the same for most of us.  Now that I'm down the beach I shop online for the big sales as it's easier to get my size.  But the big problem is there are so many cute boutiques around here and although I have completely changed up my style, I feel I have spent alot.

So I would say, the things I learnt are:

1. Budget for what you want to spend and do this realistically, allow yourself room to get something of good quality.

2. Save if you need to in order to get the items you really want.

3. Don't just get something because it's cheap, would you buy it if it was full price?

4. Really think before impulse buying, often the clothing app I have on my phone listing what I have in my wardrobe with pictures of the actual item has saved me from this, as often I will have something incredibly similar hanging in my wardrobe at home.

5. If you really like the item, get 2 in the same style, especially if they are separates, then you can mix and match.