What to Wear in Your 70s

Previous fashion guidelines still apply but rely on color to give that extra oomph. Stick to simple stylish pieces in well-cut heavy textured fabrics. Strong colors like purple really flatter the older woman, or go tonal by layering an outfit in the same color family, such as different hues of gray or blue.

Classic wardrobe staples like black pants, a well-cut shirt and a fitted jacket will look stylish jazzed up with some on-trend pieces. Avoid high-fashion cuts like huge shoulders and peplum waists. Keep lines simple by wearing pieces that are cut to flatter the figure. Instead use color and print to make a style statement, along with some fabulous fashion accessories.

Stay away from bows and ruffles and also shapeless outfits. Gentle draping however, is elegant, on-trend and covers any lumps and bumps.


The Mature Woman's Uniform

Tweed suits, twinsets, pearls and sensible shoes are no longer the uniform of the mature women. These days fashion rules for the older woman are more likely to be set by her figure and not by her age. So have a look at my section on dressing for your shape!