Quick Fashion Tips For Inverted Triangle Body Types

 The inverted triangle

This is the body type I have, my shoulders are quite wide and I look athletic, which is all well and good until I wear a dress, then I have the "hulk does feminine" look as I call it.  Don't put fussy things like bows and shoulder pads and too much cleavage up top, or you'll look top heavy.  I have done this and it doesnt look right, particularly on a tall woman like me, trust me, guys may like the cleavage part, but wouldn't you rather they spoke to your face than your boobs?  Anyway it looks cheap.   
The objective of dressing your body type is to create the illusion of a balanced hourglass figure by minimizing your shoulders, broad chest and back,  you can show off your back, while enhancing your hips and showing off your great legs. No matter what your weight is, balancing your body creates the most pleasing effect.
Create Curves with Color: 
Look for dresses and separates that are dark above the waist and light or bright below to create the illusion of a balanced figure. 

• Wear a dress has a dark colored bodice and light skirt. 
• Wear a shirt that is dark colored around the bust/shoulders and brighter in color below the bust. Pair it with light colored pants or a skirt. 

Clothing Shapes: 
The key to dressing an inverted triangle body type is to balance your narrow lower body with your broader shoulders and chest. To create the most curvaceous effect, add volume to your lower body by mixing and matching suggested separates.