What to Wear in Your 60s

Now is the time to opt for classic pieces in simple but well-cut styles rather than go for fussy clothing. Frills and fussy lines are instantly aging, whereas clean cuts look chic and stylish the more a woman gets older. Stay away from prim suits, ditsy florals and country flowers and go for bold graphic or geometric prints.

This is the time when a woman can carry off strong colors such as purples, reds and blues in hues that flatter her skintone. 

Go for pieces which disguise problem areas, such as a three-quarter sleeve to disguise flabby arms if they are flabby. Heavy denier opaque tights can make legs look slim and shapely, and opt for a V-neck or scoop neckline to flatter that décolletage.

Keep the figure in proportion by following the top and bottom rule.  A mature woman can get away with baring skin on one or the other, but not both. When wearing a dress with a short hemline then arms should be covered. Conversely, if cleavage is on show then the dress length should be longer, this I think applies to all ages anyway.