What to Wear in Your 50s

Whilst there are still many fripperies of youth that can be got away with by a woman in her 40s, her 50s is a time for reassessing her wardrobe. It’s time to bid farewell to mini dresses, shorter-than-short shorts, jumpsuits and cropped leggings in favor of staple items such as a good quality well-cut pair of jeans or pants, a simple shift dress, and hemlines which finish on-the-knee rather than high above them.

One key fashion trend should be the focus of a look, rather than trying too many at the one time. A shirt or dress in the shape-of-the-season or a hip handbag will look stylish without trying too hard to still be trendy.

The ratio of investment pieces hanging in the wardrobe should be around half/half with around 30% representing the look-of-the-moment. Instead, use on-trend accessories such as a fashionable belt, a scarf in a season-appropriate print .