What to Wear in Your 50s

While there are still many fripperies of youth that can be gotten away with by a woman in her 40s, her 50s is a time for reassessing her wardrobe. It’s time to bid farewell to mini dresses, shorter-than-short shorts, in favor of staple items such as a good quality well-cut pair of jeans or pants, a simple shift dress, a shaped dress and hemlines which finish on-the-knee or just above rather than high above them.  If you do absolutely have to wear a mini, then wear dark tights with it, only thing you have to be careful of is of how short it is.   I am approaching my 50's fast but do not want to look like I'm giving up.  So follow trends but make them comfortable for you.

One key fashion trend should be the focus of a look, rather than trying too many at the one time. A shirt or dress in the shape-of-the-season or a new bag and shoes will look stylish without trying too hard to still be trendy.  Fashion still has to be fun, or it's just not fashion!

The ratio of investment pieces hanging in the wardrobe should be around half/half with around 30% representing the look-of-the-moment. Instead, use on-trend accessories such as a fashionable belt, a scarf in a season-appropriate print .   What this means is that when you have your staples in your wardrobe, say your blazers, slacks and jeans,  mostly buy things that will go with them rather than start on a whole new look.   The shapes of clothing are constantly changing and in order to stay up to date you need to look around the shops and what people around you are wearing.  If you don't like a trend, you don't need to try it.  If you like a trend but feel it is too young for you, then modify it to suit you.