You've met with and moved forward from the big 4-0. You're all grown up. It's time to make some fashion changes that reflect your maturity.

Mature doesn't mean old, of course. It's vibrant, powerful and dignified. In our fitness conscious society, it's possible you look as good now as you did when you were 20. Still, the flirty, skin-revealing fashions from the junior department don't really suit you, even if they still fit.

Sure, your body's changed with time. But the need for a new style runs deeper than how clothes fit your mature curves. It's not enough anymore to get noticed. You've got to connect intellectually. You need to be taken seriously, appreciated for your accomplishments and respected for your experience.

Elegant Evenings

You're over 40 -- you're not dead. You've still got energy, sex appeal and interest in the night life. Timeless colors like black and navy complement your timelessness. But you need more support in some areas, and support bras and spaghetti straps don't harmonize. For evening wear, look for dresses and tops with straps wide enough to conceal your bra. If necessary, buy new foundations to suit your after-hours wardrobe.

Accessorize just enough. You'll shine plenty without piling on your entire collection of jewelry. Select two or three spectacular pieces to complement your dress.

Use a similar high impact minimalism with your makeup. Choose one feature to be the star for the evening. Play up your lips with red lipstick, or make your eyes dramatic, but don't put a spotlight on every part of your face.

Livable Style

Some things are worth suffering for. Fashion isn't one of them. At this busy stage in your life, your clothes need to function for you. But people expect you to look elegantly respectable no matter what you're doing. Certain wardrobe essentials will help you make that seem effortless.

A black dress is a must. Best is one that can go from season to season and serve any appearance, whether it's a formal business occasion or a night out with good friends.

You should also invest in fitted jackets in summer, fall and winter weights. A classic, tailored jacket adds power to business attire and instantly elevates casual outfits -- even jeans.

It's tempting to pick one designer and buy pre-matched ensembles. Don't, its boring, Mix, don't match. Build your own style with personally appealing, interchangeable essentials and accessories from several different designers. And opt for quality over quantity, better to have a few key pieces than heaps of ill fitting clothes that you wont want to wear.