Styling after Christmas


Well, Christmas is done and dusted for another year and amid taking the decorations down in preparation for the vacation at the beach, I stumble upon some of the gifts I received for Christmas, some are good, some are bad.   I still go by the rule of never letting other people buy clothes for you........that's all I'll say except that gift vouchers are great when it comes to clothing as gifts!

As with most people, it is so easy to put on weight during this season.....Christmas cake, mince tarts, Christmas pudding, not to mention chocolate and the all so compulsory Champagne...  So I'll be hitting the gym after I've finished writing this blog.

Anyhow, back to the topic!  How do we style ourselves after a blowout in preparation for a New Year of trying to be healthy?  

Enter the shift dress......  This dress hides a multitude of sins, but if you want to add something extra, just draw it in with a skinny belt, it is unbelievably flattering (it seems to be my staple at the moment).  Check it out below.

See, you can dress it up or down and it actually looks quite sexy!


Ok, so there are a few styles out the which work well, an A line is great too, but not too tight or it will make even the skinniest of women look dumpy, it think it's the way the skirt skims the upper legs which are larger than the lower legs.  Check this style out below...

See what I mean...if this was a tight fit, it just wouldn't work......Oh! and another handy hint I have discovered is that when you feel fat, or just having an off day, buy a size up, no one looks at your tags!!! 

I am always of the habit of buying a size down if it doesn't fit to try to encourage me to loose weight.  This does NOT work!!  I just end up chucking the clothes out anyway when I have a clean out after a hissy fit of nothing fitting.....Actually I just got an idea for my next blog!!  Stay tuned.....

Till then it's off to the gym for me!!


Suuze xx