Working from home

As you may well have guessed I am from Melbourne, yes most of us dress in black and obsess over a good coffee, we are also cut off from the rest of Australia at the moment.  

During the first wave of this pandemic, I was lucky enough to work from home and actually feel that I did well with it.   I even went for my motorcyle license during this time.  I work at a high school as an integration aide.  We returned to face to face learning late last semester and at first I was very scared but all went well.  Now we are back to "uncertain times" and I am so sick of hearing "we are all in this together" as I don't think we are, but I do realise that we need to follow the rules in order to save lives and I am happy to do whatever it takes and I don't even want to start with the "blame game"uggh!!  Life happens, move on people!

I did have a last dinner with my kids and their partners last night as I wont be able to see them again for 6 weeks.  My younger son's wedding has also been postponed.  I can't see my father and brother for another 6 weeks either, nor can I go to the gym.  My 50th has also been cancelled, we were going to have an 80's disco theme with smoke machine jukebox, flashing lights, dance floor, disco ball, the works.  So yes I am suffering too.

So this brings me to the fact that I may be working at home again, so I will show you what worked for me last time, and hopefully if I am working from home again works for me this time.

First of all,  and most important, find positivity wherever you can.

Online shopping is so much fun and amazing, just know your sizes.  I managed to redo my wardrobe, and on a tight budget with designer clothes.  Also, many of the clothing sites, such as Mimco, Country Road and Witchery have a further percent off sale.  Take advantage of these sales as you are often getting about 70% off and seriously you can't get clothes from Kmart at this quality and they are almost as cheap as Kmart or Target clothes.  If you are going to buy clothes online make sure they are from a site you trust.  I have had many a wardrobe fail from Wish....omggg, a dress that showed my butt cheeks it was so short and a pair of boots that didn't fit and smelt weird.

Ok so I can't go to the gym, and it is too cold and dark to run in the morning before breakfast, enter the Wii!  I have a fitness program on it and it has kept me in shape every morning in the comfort of my loungeroom, I can even watch the sunrise while I do this.

I am in a book club, and we are a crazy bunch who all get along well, we did this online, and still had a lot of laughs trying to change backgrounds and swapping book ideas.

The roads are also alot quieter which is wonderful for me when riding my motorbike to get supplies, there is virually no road rage.

Being able to get my washing done while I am working is also great.