My Journey with COVID

Well, day before yesterday, I tested positive for COVID with a rapid antigen test.  I had tested negative to one a few days before that as I was a close contact to a confirmed case.  

So yesterday I had to line up for 6 hours to get a PCR test and will find out in 2 or 3 days whether I have the virus.  I have all the symptoms except loss of smell, taste and vomiting.   The first few days started with a sore throat and then moved on to body aches and head aches, then coughing and sneezing, omg the sneezing, I feel like I am sneezing my head into next week. 

I can't concerntrate for long as my head seems to feel "fuzzy" and then I feel nauseous.  So I am simplifying things and then having breaks.  I am also sleeping more during the day, and for longer at night.  I guess that means my body is trying to heal.  It is frustrating as it's the new year and there are so many things I wanted to do and people I wanted to see.  I can't as I'm ill but even more so if it turns out to be COVID.  Luckily I started isolating as soon as I felt like it could be COVID.

The rules are forever changing in Victoria around COVID. Now apparently a rapid test carries the same weight as a PCR but you have to notify the authorities and close contacts yourself.  I will be getting another PCR if I am positive as I need the text from the government to say I am clear if I am to work.

I have been double vaxxed and that has saved me from well, ending up in hospital.  I can't have my booster for a few weeks yet. 

Looking at what I wrote below seems so long ago.  Lockdowns did save us for a while but now I wonder if it is too late with cases in Victoria alone reaching over 20 thousand a day.

What happened leading up to my booster?

Well I discovered I had "long covid"  I was very nervous at the thought of it as at the time and still now, no one knows exactly what damage it can do to your body.

I was breathless when walking up a staircase, but felt fine in the afternoon (after a nap).  I felt nauseous when sitting down and dizzy.  This went on for roughly 2 months.  

As I work for the education department I got a text almost every 3 days telling me I need to get my booster shot or I will not be allowed to work.  My GP told me I couldnt get the booster shot until I was over the long covid.  She couldnt exempt me from it.  So I went back to work early and had the shot a few days before I went back.  I had the booster on the Friday and was only just ok by the Monday.  

At work it was another matter as my boss advised me to take a day off once a week for a few weeks which really did help.  There was support there and getting back to it seemed to help.  

I can now honestly tell you that I dont seem to have any after effects from covid now and am fully recovered.  I am able to run and do HIIT training again as well as work a full day and not be completely wiped out.

One thing I will say is that I feel that if I had the 3rd shot earlier, I may not have had covid as bad as I did.   I will have the next one as soon as it is available to my age group.

Covid is a serious illness and it is not like the flu, it takes time to recover and that needs to be respected.