Do NOT drink and shop...I don't mean hitting the mall rolling drunk, I mean don't go for a meal with your friends and have a few wines before shopping. Save that for after the shop. Believe me, you will end up with some things that go in the 'what the hell was I thinking?!' category....yep I've done it with a pair of tight shorts I never wore...ever, they were so gross on me. High waisted and tight as all hell....yeurrk!!

  • The mall

    Ok when I hit the mall, I do not want to have had a drink! Id want to throw myself off the top floor looking at this!
    I always do my research online first. This way I am armed with what shop I want to visit and where it is (I get lost so easy). Also I need to make a note of where I parked my car (hubby knows this, he thinks its a great joke!)
    When you visit new shops they often ask you for your email, I give mine as you get offers and birthday vouchers, you also get their catalogues which is handy for online research.

  • Research online

    Ok, when you go online, you are often bombarded with ideas, and often if you live in the outer suburbs like me, they don't have that trend yet. One shop that catches on super fast is Sportsgirtl. I always look in there. Some of the stores I research are Witchery, Sportsgirl, Target (yes they are on trend), Novo, Mimco, and Wittner.
    Always, always look for specials, can always buy end of winter stock for next winter, it will still be on trend. The same with Summer stock. If I can't sleep, I do research online on my ipad. If I get up with a tummy ache, I often end up falling asleep on the couch with my ipad, I get lost in it all.

  • The shopping part

    Always have a price in mind and make sure no more money than that is in the account you want to use. Or buy with cash using the same principle. You can often get swept away by pretty things you think you must have...only to find out you have almost the identical item at home.
    The app I used for organising my wardrobe also helps, as I can see what I have and what the new item will go with.
    If you are unsure, don't buy it!!! Can always come back later.