Animal Print

Now this is one trend that I really enjoy, adds a touch of wildness to an otherwise dreary day.  A great print to wear when you are feeling.....well.....mehh!

The trick is with this trend is not to wear too much of it at once.  Remember "classy, not brassy" is the key to this look.

As with most new looks, there are a set of rules.

1. wear only one or two items of animal print at one time, otherwise you end up looking like you are trying too hard.

2. If you must wear an animal print dress, make sure it is loose, not tight, or you'll end up looking like a desperate housewife, or worse..... a cougar......literally!

3. Make sure all accessories with the animal print clothing are plain or you will look trashy.

4. Try to add it to an otherwise plain outfit for a quirky twist, works well with a tomboy look.

In this look, I've given the rest of the look a tomboy feel.  The Animal print is girly enough to make the look balanced.   A great way to spice up an otherwise plain outfit.


The leopard print pants are worked in with this season's colour in this look (rose).  If beige pants were used instead, the outfit would be booooring.  However, the pants send out a wild vibe.  If you did add wild accessories this outfit would end up looking somewhat trashy.


This is my favourite look.  The dress is fitted, not tight and a little edgy, notice that I have kept the accessories plain to complete the look.  The shoes and jacket are boyish, and that really balances out the feminine side of the dress.  No danger of looking like trailer park trash here.


Thanks for reading

Suuze :)