The Maxi Skirt

The Maxi Skirt

This is one new trend I absolutely love!  The Maxi Skirt.  This is one thing from the 70's which I am enjoying being back in fashion.  Very flattering and covers a multitude of imperfections.  I only bought one last week and I can honestly say you can wear it in any season.  It's supposedly Spring here in Melbourne.  So warm one day, cold the next.  I have worn mine with both boots and sandals, with a jumper and a tshirt as well as a blouse.


This is a vey soft contemporary look, very modern and feminine and in this season's colour....rose pink.  Grey and beige add colour, but the black is needed to make the outfit stand out, otherwise it's rather ho-hum.  This works as the shapes are current and original.  I love the fact that when the jacket is worn, it the whole look is totally different.


This outfit is gorgeous, I love it, great for a formal look, the midriff adds a sexy edge without looking tarty at all, the stiletto gives a quirky edge.  (I love an edgy shoe when dressing up).  The bag is pure class.  The Si fragrance is beautiful as well.


Hope this gives an insight into the maxi skirt.

Suuze xx