The ripped jeans

Ok don't tell me you can't wear ripped jeans when you're over 40.....I can do it, so can you.  I have always loved wearing jeans, but the way I wear them has changed with fashion and age.  

If I go for a ripped jean, everything else I'm wearing has to be immaculate.  I don't want to go into the grunge look too far.

  • This is what I put together for a night out.

    Bear in mind with these items, you can always get similar cheaper...I always do. Sportsgirl are great for this! As soon as the new trends are out, they have a copy of them! Always go for a ripped skinny if you want a polished but in trend look.

  • A closer look.

    As you can see with this outfit, the jeans are the only ripped thing in this outfit.
    The same applies if you were to wear a distressed top, don't wear distressed jeans with it or you'll have the slob look before you know it.

  • For a softer look

    Here's the blue ripped jean. This is the sort I wear most. Great for shopping or lunching with friends. Keeping with pastels soften the edgy look.
    As you can see, You can get away with relaxed fit jeans and ballet flats.
    I've teamed items with a luxury rose gold appearance with a pale pink to make it appear more ladylike.