• Fashion

    Last year I started the process to go for my motorbike licence. My reasoning was that I always wanted it and if not now that my kids are grown up, then when? Hubby was very supportive even though he's not into motorbikes so a few of these pics are taken by him. My biggest support were my kids, I have two boys, my eldest even learnt to ride with me and my youngest loves it when I turn up for a coffee at his place on my bike and reckons I'm "badass".

    Well all things aside, there are few options for a woman on a bike fashionwise. However I did discover a shop not far from me with motorcycle gear for women, they see me now quite a bit and I even get a discount now lol! Proper gear is a must, I cannot stress that enough, you need to be safe!! Jeans with kneepads are great, I got some skinnys with the knee pads, a jacket with armour is a must and as you can see it's not bulky. Buy things to fit you exactly so that you can move and not have things slide off you. So not too tight and not too loose. Motorbike boots are also a must, from a biker shop, I even got some cute ones with a heel that are proper riding boots with ankle, calf and toe supports.

    Riding to work can be interesting if you don't want to stay in your gear all day. I work at a school so I need to be able to move fast and be comfortable. I also don't want to be a distraction. I wear separates. In winter I pack a skirt or pants in my backpack with some flats to change into at work. In Summer I generally pack a dress and flats, it's amazing what you can fit in a backpack.

  • Luggage

    One of the more practical things to think about is luggage. For my bike I didn't add pannier bags you need to install a rack to put them on which looks awful on my bike, it has an upswept back which to me looks elegant. I don't want to put a box on it either as it reminds me of the police bikes in "police academy" So I settled for a backpack but as I don't want to look like I'm on a long trip I wanted something fashionable yet strong. So I got a leather Mimco one and a nylon Mimco one. They are very strong and roomy. I even carry my laptop to work in the vinyl backpack with my lunch and some clothes to change into.

  • Hair and face

    Well this is an interesting one as I have long thick curly hair which I straighten. Hair knots up something terrible on a bike, especially if it's raining or foggy. So I got a conditioning treatment at the salon which keeps my hair straight. I also (usually) wear a braid when I remember to. This does seem to work. Also makeup can be an issue. If it's cold and windy (as it often is in Melbourne...yes I am still working through Covid-19) You get tears in your eyes and as a result a drippy nose. So wear waterproof mascarra, and don't overdo it on the foundation, also save the lippy for when you get to work. I like to crack my visor open to get airflow so I don't fog up.
    Another trick is to wear a scarf or now as we are asked to do in Melbourne, a mask. I have a reusable one which works really well. This actually stops your breath getting on your visor so you don't fog up, also it keeps your makeup off the inside of your helmet which is a bonus in my eyes! So in a strange way even tho Covid-19 is causing havoc here, there are still some things we can take away from it.