• Order your clothes into categories.

    If you look closely you can see that Ive ordered my tops into short, long and sleeveless. Also I have blazers in a separate section.

  • Order your pants into categories as well.

    I have my coloured/skinny jeans and blueblack straight leg jeans in different piles.

  • Keep your bags neat as well.

    I have most of my bags in baskets, this keeps them in categories (leather/crossbody/colored/work bags/tote bags)

Main page

go to the main page and it has a menu


You can put your outfits into categories, such as 'daywear' 'workwear' and 'vacationwear'

categorise your clothes

When you add your clothes to this app, you need to put them in categories, such as types of tops or pants.


This what your outfits look like once you have put them together.


This is very handy for choosing your week of outfits without riffling through your wardrobe, saves so much time and effort!