Me with long hair

Me with short hair

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The long and short of it!

Ok so you may have just seen that I've dramatically changed my hair.  My hair was long and straight for 10 years.....booooring!  I kept it that way as hubby likes it long (yawn).  Before I met hubby it was in one of those concave bobs from the nineties (known hubby for 23 years), which did fine and was easy to manage.  But as I dated a few frogs before my prince (hubby).  The common whinge was, why don't you grow your hair.....

I'll tell you's hard to manage/ gets in the way...oh you also want me to get fit?...go to gym?...well with long hair that's not easy!

Anyway I now have short hair and hubby likes it!

Aside from my rant..... The way I went about this was research.  One hairdresser wouldn't do it as my hair was too thick and curly.  So I went elsewhere.  I also checked out pictures of hair that would suit my face shape and age on the Internet.

My advice is go to a salon where the hairdressers are young, no matter your age, they are constantly taking classes on the latest styles.  Sure you might pay a bit more, but at the end of the day you get what you pay for.

Also before you do this find some who has amazing hair and ask where they get it done. (I did this with the lady who does my nails, and I found her through my masseuse!)