The Famous 501 "Mom Jean".

The word itself "Mom Jean" makes the jean sound something to be avoided when you first hear it.  The name itself actually conjures up images of harassed soccer moms with frumpy hair and food stains all over their shapeless t-shirts.

Well the new Mom Jean couldn't be further from the truth...........that is..........provided you wear it PROPERLY!

I can I sound like a soccer mom myself......"I'm not!"  I say with the death look on my face and a whiplash turn of my head.  Where was I, ah yes, the famous 501 used to be back in the day a basic uniform for us, only we would wear it (or I would wear it) with Doc Martens and a bodysuit with a plaid shirt over the top.  Please Please don't wear it this way now........uggh!

There are new rules peoples!

1. DO NOT wear the 501 one baggy or way, it's meant to show your curves.

2. DO NOT let the hem hang too long, roll them up if you need to and add a loafer or sneaker.

3. DO NOT wear a shapeless sweater over the top or you will look shapeless yourself.

4. DO try a crop top if you are feeling brave

5.DO try a soft blouse

6. and oh, this is the most important.........DON'T do double denim by pairing the look with a denim jacket or shirt.............cringe......if you add a cowboy belt, I'll kick you back to the 80's myself!!!




Thanks for reading

Suuze :)