The fur lined mule

OK, so I went shopping last weekend and I couldn't go past the fur lined mule, they are so comfy.

I tried them on and wondered if I looked like an old woman in a house coat and slippers minus the rollers!

I was baffled as to what to wear this new find I went to Google and had a look at how the celebrities are rocking this look.  Turns out you dont have to be Alexia Chung to look cool in these (though she does look outstanding in anything).

Secret is to pair them with jeans where the cuff grazes the ankle, can be skinny or loose, just leave the ankle bare.  Pair with a trench coat, and voila, instant cool.

I wouldn't wear them to the office though, not sure how that look would go down...."forgot to take your slippers off?"  or  "Did you stand on the cat?"  

These can be worn out to the shops, or out for coffee, say in an inner city area, but if you are in a semi rural area like me......don't go there!!

Did that the other day, lesson learned!😎